Today we are enjoying gale force winds here in England (you know how we Brits love to talk weather!) but this is quite spectacular (although not quite gale force; I may have over emphasised for dramatic effect).

The weather makes a good methaphor for me today as that is a little how I feel; buffered about from one thing to another. All good, lovely things but lots to do all at once.

I’ve been to the framers with a stack of paintings; three for the Christmas show at the Purple Gallery and another three that I’m going to enter for the upcoming RBSA show. Fingers crossed there. It’s always a risk to invest in framing paintings that may not get selected, but no risk = no gains, so I’ve gone for it.

It takes a long time to size work, price it, send submissions, fill out paperwork and choose paint chips for the framer to work from. It all needs doing but doesn’t necessarily make for great blog photos!

As we are decorating here (I think I may be saying this for a couple of years) I’ve been mooching through wallpaper books. I came across this new range by Designers Guild called Zephirine. I adore these painted flowers. The reproduction of them is amazing and I love the way the artist handled the paint and constructed the blooms. I’m not sure that I could live with the whole shebang (especially as D.G. added a photo of an ugly urn and spoilt it for me) but I love these little close-ups. It inspires me to find some dark, velvety roses to paint.

Got lots of studio decoration projects finishing up and I’m getting ready to show you how my beautiful room has become transformed.