I brightened a grey British day by turning this bag of mangled scraps into a rainbow.

I believe it’s called stripping? I spent two hours  sewing very thin strips together to make a fab piece of fabric. I totally get why they first used tiny scraps of left over fabric to quilt with back in the day, you can actually make quite a large piece of something.

This bunny was so gorgeous today, that he had to put in an appearance. This is Ash, who was in on one of his runabouts when it was photo shoot time. I’m glad he was having a loll about otherwise he’d have hopped all over it without a care!

I’m not sure what to do now with this rainbow of tooty fruity Kaffe fabrics. A cushion is the obvious choice but I’m open to any suggestions if you have some.

As for my quality control assessor…well I totally understand lying sideways with  legs out after a good bound around, but I’m not sure he gets what I’m up to.

I’m signing out of here for a few days to go and have some sea air up North but I’ll see you soon.