I recently came across this book in my local Oxfam bookstore and only picked it up for a look because I recognised it as one of those books of my Mum’s that I had sniffed at in my lofty youth. Twenty odd years later and I can now see what a charming diary of paintings it is and I bought it feeling inspired by it.

Now that we live opposite the woods, we often go for a walk and I come back with little treasures that I’ve found from combing the ground. We have also inherited a lovely garden full of things I’ve never been lucky enough to have (honeysuckle, finches, blue tit’s, fruit trees)  and unlucky enough (a toad – uuck! frogs, teasels.)

So I thought I’d record all these things month by month in the style of ‘The Edwardian Lady’ and it would structure my use of  a sketchbook and get me back in the habit of using one continuously. Can you improve on the title of “Sketchbook of a Suburban Female”? Lets have some funny comments and I might find a little giveaway for the one that makes me laugh the most!