Here as promised are the Kaffe Fassett quilts from the Festival of Quilts show.

If you’ve visited my blog before you may know that I quite like Kaffe Fasset’s work!

mexican party quilt

That is a total understatement BTW!! My head was spinning as I wandered into the Cotton Patch stand, which was full of Kaffe quilts, covered chairs, cushions, KF fabric to buy…and then there in the corner knitting, was the very man himself. Whoa!

I managed not to throw myself at him squealing ‘teach me everything you know’ but just stood gawping at him from a distance.

So this post is an un-ashamed feast of eye candy of all things Kaffe.

There was a special mini exhibition of some of the quilts from the “Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts” book.

The riot of colour and pattern just gets me every time, whether it’s pastels or bold colour. He has a real eye for putting colours together and mixing it up with spots, solids or pattern.

Seeing these quilts in real life was a bit like witnessing a well celebrated piece of art work or seeing some A list celebrity close up.

St Marks quilt

Awesome, as my American friends would say!

Everything is just so yummy – I could happily live in Kaffe land.

I’m not going to get all highfalutin about colour tension and juxtapositioning, but would you just look at this little piece of beauty.

I couldn’t help but buy some pre cut squares of Kaffe patterns and solid’s, so although the Liberty quilt is still under the sewing machine, dreams of the next Kaffe quilt are percolating.

All this colour makes me want to leap up and paint something, it’s so inspiring. I think Kaffe should be knighted, bottled and cryogenically frozen!!

Next year I’m going to be organised enough to have a ticket to one of his talks, sit on the front row and make a point of actually saying something to him. Guides honour! In the meantime my hero worship will continue.