The other day I was strolling past one of these bargain book type shops when my head whipped off it’s hinges to see this book in the window (I have an x-ray type vision for the word Kaffe !) and it had the handsome price tag of only £8.00 on it.

I almost ran into the shop elbowing everyone out of the way whilst shrieking “That’s cheap!”

With the Festival of Quilts coming up soon I thought I’d get my quilting juices going by reading it this weekend. I actually saw Kaffe in 2008 in the flesh! I was awe-struck and just kept walking to and fro ogling him! I did a bit better with Amy Butler because she signed my book, but we didn’t have the friendship sealing chat that I had going on in my head, it was much quieter than that! But I digress…

I don’t know if I’ll ever attempt a complicated Kaffe quilt but I love looking at them because I love his fabric designs and the shots of them in urban landscapes are genius.

The book is based on the idea of looking for geometric shapes in the natural environment and applying them to quilt patterning. I love the photomontage of his snap shops taken in his locality, mixed in with images of his sewing and painting.

I do that a little bit anyway when I’m out and about and so I ran through my back catalogue of photos and made a mosaic myself.

Watch this space – if I meet Kaffe at the Festival of Quilts show he may give me a whole stack of his fabric (because we will become fast friends immediately) and then I will begin a complicated quilt based on my own geometric photo research with Kaffe’s 1:1 tuition because he’ll be coming around to dinner!

P.S. No I am not fevered, drunk or concussed – just dreaming out loud 🙂