So this is not going to be a post about how much I love BT. We are still don’t have internet access at home and it’s killing me!

However, being the good Girl Guide that I still am, I prepared ahead knowing I might not be living in real time for a while!

This still life is of my beloved coffee pot and some lovely Brie Harrison gift wrap as a backdrop.

I wanted a looser feeling to the background of this painting and so chose to use some wax resist to give the edges a bit of groove.

I bet we all remember doing this at school – getting a box of crayola and pressing really hard to draw something. And then washing over it with runny watercolour paint. Hands up all those who made firework pictures that way! It’s still as much fun now as it was then.

It has given the painting additional texture and gives the lines a bit of life. All good.