Our (pencilled in) moving day is rapidly approaching and it’s got me thinking about what kind of new creative space I might have. We’re lucky to be up-sizing and so I’m going to get a whole room big enough to actually turn around in! Here’s the current set up (below.)  It’s done me proud so far but this is what it looks like tidied. When there has been a creative explosion, it is really hard to breathe.

Having just mounted all my paintings, I was aware that they would become buckled if stood up in a portfolio. So I made the mistake of looking on ebay for a plan chest. And you know how it goes… “I must buy this from ebay before anyone else can” and so we found ourselves driving to Milton Keynes to squeeze this beautiful oak plan chest into the boot of my very accommodating car, before moving house (I know – it’s crazy!)

(It’s in two pieces because we haven’t got the room to stack it up here!)

So that got me thinking about what the new studio space might have to offer and I found some inspiring pic’s to share with you…


I’d love to be able to have the computer, sewing machine and painting space all under one roof, instead of running from room to room.  It would be great to set up two tables at a right angle like this, and then wheelie between them on a roller chair in a creative blur!


I’m also loving the idea of a white-painted space and that big dresser with glass doors to keep things from needing dusting.


I’ve got a lovely easel packed up in the loft because in this current space it’s just not workable. But I’m dead excited at being able to have it out to use. That might make a big impact on the size that I usually work in…


I remember having those cuboid pedestal things at art college, so that you could stand at your easel and have everything to hand. I’m sure Mr L won’t have so much DIY to do that he wouldn’t mind knocking up a couple! (I am kidding – I think the word ‘potential’ is what our new house has…i.e. it needs DIY!)


I was thinking of using a whole wall to put an enormous pin board on so that I can having a mood board section, inspiration clippings, a year planner etc.


And finally I’d certainly like space for a comfy chair to contemplate from.

I know a lot of you must have great studio spaces already so please send links if you know of any other great spaces or genius ideas for my new digs. Right, off to pack some boxes!