Some paintings are an enjoyment from start to finish, and this was one of those.

I must have been feeling bold when I picked out that vermillion for the base but it was a great solid colour to create (some shades of paint have a nice texture – anyone noticed that?) and it has given the painting some weight. I do love this vintage coffee pot but had never noticed it’s small scale until I painted it. It makes it hard work on the perspective front as every other object put by it begins to look a little the shrinking scene in Alice In Wonderland! Also the mint green coffee pot just didn’t quite fit into the mix the colour it is, so it became lime green as you can see. Now there’s a pop of colour! I’ve got a feeling that this will be a Marmite painting – love it or hate it – only nice comments please though 🙂

"Coffee Pot" © Claire Leggett