I love making mood boards. I’ve got a big box of magazine tear-outs and greeting cards and some fabric swatches and once in a while it’s therapeutic to go through it all pulling out anything that catches my eye. Then when that smaller selection is refined, I can often see a theme emerge. Today was tea cups.

This week has been a merry-go round. Opportunity never waits for a quiet spell does it? It never lines up politely until the chores are done or you’ve got a weeks holiday. I’m trying to remember that while I’m dashing about getting framing quotes, working out international postage and packing in my lunch hour, doing my teaching job, feeding my family, packing removal boxes, keeping up with the e-course during the evenings and occasionally remembering to wash school uniforms in time.

And I’m not complaining at all either! This week has been a wonderful, chaotic mess of family, work and newly rooted opportunities and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

P.S. Anyone know of a cleaner???!!!