Well here she is. This painting has to be a ‘she’ – it’s so female and there is something very old-fashioned about it. I’m about to tip into my 41st year, maybe age is on my mind!

© Claire Leggett “Lupins” June 2010

I don’t love, love, love this one and I think it’s because of the process as I said earlier. I enjoyed using watercolour board and would definitely use it again. It will give more framing options to explore.

So why the deep breaths? I’ve thought hard about telling you all this before the event but following on from this experience I am determined to keep an optimistic view on things. Later today I am very excited to be showing my portfolio to a local, independent gallery – whoo’hoo!! My helpful husband and I spent last night mounting, sorting and putting pieces into order and I’ve just spent a few hours doing it all again! Nervous energy 😉

I don’t dare to dream what this experience might become. I have enjoyed mounting up all my work, seeing a collection of nineteen pieces (where did that come from?) and I’m very much hoping that this will prove to be the next step – whatever that step is. So I’m going to enjoy this opportunity to show my work and talk about it with professionals and I’m sure that whatever the final outcome, this is going to be good experience. And I know, because of last time, that you are all with me. See you later…fingers crossed.