Sunny weather and blue sky thinking go hand in hand. A year ago I sketched a small plan of how to begin painting regularly again, how to start exhibiting and what steps I might need to take to ‘get out there’ in a creative sense. I’ve been ticking goals off that plan and now it’s time for a new one! So I’ve signed up for a five week e course with Kelly Rae, beginning on Sunday, which I’m hoping will help sharpen my thinking and provide the next goals.

After signing up I happened to read this from Julia Cameron’s Spiritual Path To Creativity;

“Once you accept that it is natural to create, you can begin to accept a second idea – that the Creator will hand you whatever you need for the project. The minute you accept the help of this collaborator, you will see useful bits of help everywhere in your life.”

And that is proving to be so true, in many ways.Thank you for your part in that by visiting here.