I’m back at the drawing board setting up and beginning a big olde painting.

I’m loving it so much that it got me thinking “why?”

A couple of years back I investigated the possibilty of re training as an art therapist. ( I decided I liked doing art much more than I wanted to get people talking about what they were drawing, so it came to nothing.

But today I was reminded of some of the thing’s I’d read in a text book; about drawing being so engrossing it will distract you and effectively take your mind off  whatever is stressing you and enable you to think more clearly. Also that drawing and painting helps one experience ‘flow’ “ a state of being completely engaged in something to the point of being in a near meditative state”.  And that is so true. Today my daughter popped in to ask me something during a stage of tricky drawing and I could hardly formulate a word! It’s that meditation and stress free state that I love so much. That and the joy of creating. Oh and the colour. And the patterning. And so much more…

Disclaimer here if I’m about to misquote or something – I freely admit to being a non specialist! I’d read about Prinzhorn (Dr?) doing research into artists and identifying and describing the expressive urge, the urge to play, the ornamental urge, the ordering tendency, the tendency to imitate and the need for symbols in the art people make.

I can easily see which one/s I am – which are yours?