I had a lovely sunny weekend in Norfolk celebrating two special birthday’s with my parents.

Anita Klein “Nigel Learns to cook” 2006.

Whenever we’re there we can’t resist a trip to Holt. Rumour has it that Camilla Parker Bowles shops there when she’s in Norfolk, but I’ve never seen her!

Anita Klein “The Spider” 2006

We were lucky enough to go and see an exhibition of one of my most favourite artists at my most favourite gallery.

Anita Klein “The Salad” 2006

I love Anita’s subject matter – the ordinary events of any ordinary day, captured. It’s like she’s painted instead of photographed a moment. When I look through them I see similar moments that we’ve had as a family (we could have posed for The Spider painting while in Hastings!) but I’ve not been clever enough to document it so beautifully.

Anita Klein “Watching The Sound Of Music” 2005

I’m still contemplating the benefits of ‘moodling’ and trying not to get sucked back into the vortex of overwork now that school term has begun again. This painting is like a visual mantra to keep some moments quiet and still and just ‘be’.

Anita Klein “The Afternoon Play” 2005

I should say that none of these are from the exhibition at Bircham’s Gallery. I can’t take photo’s of those, but go and be inspired in person!! These are from an exhibition brochure dating back to 2006 at the Boundary and Bankside galleries.