We are home from our little escape to the seaside. We stayed in this gorgeous cottage, up a very steep hill, which was styled beautifully. First thing I saw when we arrived was this yoyo quilt casually draped across the sofa. I do confess to a fleeting thought of stealing this “surely they wouldn’t miss it?” but good sense and honesty prevailed and I contented myself to a thorough inspection and the promise of making one myself.

However it went onto to become the ‘house of quilts’ and my resolve not to nick things was tested again! ( Don’t think too badly of me! Ever taken the hotel toiletries? Wanted the bath robe?!)  When the heating and hot water broke we were given a bag of extra blankets and this little beauty was screwed up inside.

Hastings is full of antique shops, junk shops and even one that proclaimed “quality junk.” I can’t remember when I last saw so much furniture, teacups, eider-down’s etc at such good prices. The charity shops are actually full of great china too, so it was fun to pick over it all. Hastings is also home to Judges bakery which make the biggest meringues that I’ve ever had, like a mini Pavlova to yourself. And I’m afraid that several walks up the steep hill to the house didn’t help balance out the calories! The Victorian fishing huts which are unique to Hastings have been restored and buildings like this old apothecary ( a tea room in Rye) have been kept in their original best. It gives the whole area a sense of being back in time.

But now we are back at home and today that means washing and ironing! See you tomorrow.