Thank heavens for laptops because after yesterday my feet and legs are so tired that I don’t think I can leave my bed today!

We thought we’d escape the stresses of house hunting yesterday and go far away from our daily grind for a day trip.

Cambridge is a beautiful little city, where every square inch seems to have a church or decorative building of some kind. We were on a strict deadline to see two particular things so we didn’t deviate to wander much. Plus it was raining – well this is Britain!

One reason for going, was to catch this exhibition at the ridiculously beautiful Fitzwilliam Museum. Boy, do they have a lot of works of art in that place. It felt criminal to stomp past illuminated manuscripts, altar pieces, Old Masters etc but we were focused! And this was the reason why…

Self Portrait – Spencer   *   Portrait of Dorothy Barnard – Sargent   *   Mornington Crescent Nude – Sickert

I love Stanley Spencer’s work although it’s sometimes a little bonkers and unsettling. I love the way he played with biblical themes, bringing them up to date and setting them in modern scenes with contemporary clothing and modern everyday references. There were a couple of his landscapes in the exhibition, which I know he hated painting, but I love these the most. It’s amazing what detail he gave to every leaf of every plant. The whole canvas looks like the surface of a tapestry, where each brush stroke makes up each leaf. He had staying power! I’d get bored with that much constant detail, not to mention working in every shade of green known to man!!

Stanley Spencer ” Cottages at Burghclere” 1930

After this delight we rushed off to Kettle’s Yard to drool over Winifred Nicholson and much more! But that’s for another day, I really do have to get up now! Have a great Sunday.