Everyone seems to love my new teapot and jug!! This was my valentine’s day present. Result! I know. I did drop a few hints and then I eventually said to my son to actually tell my other half with no subtly that I would like it!! Devious I know…

You remember my excitement at finding the green china? Well I had actually gone to buy this pot and jug originally but when faced with the decision of more china for less money I bought into the greedy option. However these beauties stayed in my mind and luckily the shop window. So from never being the lucky bargain hunter of vintage china, I am now the proud owner of two new sets.

What am I doing about painting them though I hear you ask? Well I woke up feeling under the weather today and then our new house purchase looks so wobbly that it will probably collapse very soon. So I made some cakes, watched Relocation, Relocation  (it’s good to see what trouble others get into!) and very little else!! Gotta go with the flow though sometimes eh?.