This project has come about by following a trail of ‘breadcrumbs’.

Breadcrumbs from this favourite book, talking with a friend whose back at college and studying Textiles, a desire to let loose a little without an end result in sight, reading this book which has reminded me of child like play and reading the blog a creative mint, to name but a few.

Back in the day when I was an art student, we were encouraged to keep a sketch book of clippings from magazines, or photo’s, or anything really that appealed because of its colour or design. I used to love doing them. And I realised that I still do. In fact I’ve been gleaning, stealing, ripping and behaving like a magpie ever since, just without collating it all into book format.

Having been inspired by a plant I bought last week (more on that at a later date as I’ve begun a painting of it) I began some colour pages based around the purples and greens. I was amazed what I’d already had cut out for years, piled up waiting for some direction. This book will be a great reference of what colours go well together and it will be really easy to flick back through when I need inspiration – much easier that the current cardboard box!