© Claire Leggett "Buttons"

I’m glad last week is behind me for all sorts of reasons. I don’t like the snow for one! Well maybe one day is OK but then it becomes so tedious to continue living real life with snow hampering you at every turn. I’m not an early bird, so waking up each morning to check three different websites to see if schools are open (the children’s two and the one where I work) is not my idea of a gradual start to the day. Then there is the narrow clothing choice ( whats warm and will go with those boots) the ten minute de-icing exercise on the car (I even had ice inside the windscreen one day) the longer, slower, hazardous route to work, the days when I was banking on solitude at home and got company instead (when the kids schools shut) or the days when I stayed at work with a full school – imagine 200 children who have not been out for a break time or lunchtime play for five straight days…you get the picture. So sorry for sounding like a grumpy old woman but I’m glad it’s gone for all those reasons and more.

© Claire Leggett "Buttons" close-up

These buttons are a good visual picture for how I feel at the moment – scattered about! I was ready to greet the New Year with lots of vim and vigour. So here’s hoping for some normality, routine and some Spring in my step now (and no more snow thank you!)