Where to begin with the story of this painting…I bought these bulbs on a day when I was fed up with winter, dark mornings and nights and Christmas coming! I put them in the unheated downstairs toilet to wait for me until I was ready and able to paint them. They didn’t though. They grew hard and fast and ended up pushing themselves off the window ledge, breaking the bowl  and falling into the toilet in the middle of the night!!

That prompted me to paint like there was some kind of emergency and in doing so I broke the rules and painted the blooms before the background – naughty I know but I knew they wouldn’t wait. And they didn’t as the above photo shows, the following morning I came in and found they’d grown floppy and fallen onto the painting. So to add to the colour difficulties and the background after fore ground challenge they now they weren’t in the same position as I’d drawn them – ahh!

© Claire Leggett "Come on Spring"

I thought of ditching it then and there but I don’t like to be beaten. So here is the final piece – not my best, not my worst!