There’s a tipping point in every painting where you’re more than just started but not yet nearly finished. I’ve thought I was at that point several times in the last 3 days but this painting has required perseverance and stamina!

Normally there is a system of layers to complete – the under washes, the background in detail, the front ground in detail and the final highlights is pretty much the drill. But these hydrangea’s (that I never want to see ever again!!) needed under washing (twice) deepening the colours each time and still that didn’t quite cut it. So then I decided that mixing the paint while wet on the paper and letting the tones bleed into one another, would best represent all the colour and texture of these papery leaves.  And it did… almost!

After a critique with Mr L last night (well he did used to be an art teacher) he suggested another layer of detail was needed to bring the flower heads into 3D (I knew that all along but was avoiding it!) So I’ve been all over it again today deepening tones, sharpening highlights and painting in the spindly little lines of the leaves. And I’m pooped! But pooped in a good way – like when you go for a run and come back heaving but find that next time you’ve got more stamina and feel that you could go a little further. Who thought painting was easy ?!

(Final painting to follow when the light’s good enough for photography.)