My pent-up painting energy seems to have buoyed my ambition, resulting in the creation of a killer still life. It might not look so from these photo’s but there are at least a zillion colours in those hydrangea’s.

But first how to draw them! Endless amounts of curled up shapes that you wouldn’t recognise as petals. I had to label some of them so that I could still see which drawn shape related to which part of the plant! Even so by this morning they had continued to curl and bore little resemblance to yesterday, so I’ve been free styling anyway!

My mother-in-law is a fantastic and very committed gardener so I was dead chuffed when she offered to cut some hydrangea flowers so that I could dry them and paint them. I’ve been trying to creep past them invisibly so that they would stop reminding me that I had said I would! I could see the problems ahead but I did promise…

The background is a fab piece of gift wrap that I bought in Washington DC (name dropping darling!) from a shop called Paper Source.
As for restoring my sanity with a few hours of painting…the tally so far is 10 hours and it’s not finished yet! But I’m happy as a pig in muck!