I feel like I’ve been running a cross country race meeting various deadlines of a work, birthday and lifestyle nature. Last week, in order to keep my sanity intact, I reluctantly gave up my painting to spend the time beginning to climb the mountain of paid work I had to achieve by yesterday. I hate it when the rhythm of my life gets broken like this but couldn’t put it into words until I read this from this wonderful, soul saving book.

Title; Carving Out Time For Personal Pursuits That Bring Contentment”

“It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires.” Rebecca West.

“..the house calls to us. The children call to us. The work calls to us. When, then, does the painting or the poem call to us? Space and time to nurture our creativity may be one of our authentic hungers…if we took an hour a day to paint, to plot, to throw pots we wouldn’t be in pain – physical or psychic.”

And that’s the fine balance that gets disrupted. So I’m trying with a will of iron today to not shop for groceries, hoover up the clods of fluff or go and buy Christmas presents until I have restored my body and mind with more than an hour of painting.