I know strictly speaking this is my crafting blog but I just saw this on my daughter’s desk and had to feature it today because it’s super cute and I’m a proud Mum!


This is her D & T (Design and Technology) project for school which is to design and make a cuddly toy. I adore this little French cat design drawing. I then fell about oohhing and aahhing when I heard that she had dreamed up the name of Bonjclaws (Bonj from Bonjour and claws for a cat – smart eh?!) But I’m most excited about the making part of it and must admit that I’m having to sit on my hands not to run up a little prototype myself it’s so damned cute!

Bonjclaws 2

I’ll be certain to return one day with the real thing once she’s made it. In fact I might just go and write my letter to Santa…