Sometimes I know I want to paint but don’t know what to paint! When that mood strikes I go for a virtual visit to Kaffe Fassett’s gallery and I’ve soon got more inspiration than time to carry it out!

Shell painting in progress mosaic

And so it was with this shell painting. I used a piece of vintage fabric for the background because I love the colour scheme going on here.But although it looks lovely it’s a devil to recreate with paint. It has a beautiful bronze lustre to it except where the little leaf shapes have been oversewn with an opaque thread. Time for the Art Masking Fluid me thought. This clever little liquid can be painted over areas which you want left as they are. So once I’d under painted the base colour, I painted in all the leaf shapes with AMF before covering the background again with a bronze (ink) pink (paint) mix. In between these stages it needed to ‘go off’ (dry and become tacky) and I used a hairdryer to speed that along. It can totally trash your brush so choose carefully and have some turps to hand or brush cleaner. I have also read that you shouldn’t leave it on for longer than 48 hrs but I forgot this! We’ll have to wait and see if it’s worked or not, once all the painting is completed!