I had the most inspiring time at the Knit and Stitch show at Alexandra Palace on Saturday. Loads to see and buy – quirky ceramics, new screen printing techniques, beautiful (and affordable) Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics, yummy knitting and intricate embroideries.

knit and stitch mosaic 1

1. Katie Almond 2. Committed To Cloth 3 and 4. wornandwashedfabrics.com 5.Sublime 6. East Anglia Stitch Textiles.

The embroideries of Louise Baldwin (below) were really inspiring in their use of colour and technique. She layers paper, fabric and recycled materials like a collage and then stitches through with stitches that look like a drawn line.

Louise Baldwin embroidery

Vicky Lindo wins my award for the most charming, whimsical embroideries of cats and dogs. Every picture tells a story and endears you it because it’s so cute – the style of the cat or dog and the little witty embroidered captions.

Vicky Lindo

Not especially my cup of tea but admirable all the same, was this enormous knit project from the North East Marine Trust. I don’t like rats but that knitted one just might turn me…a little!

Stitch and knit mosaic 2