Acrylic brush samples

Our first night’s exercise was to play with the acrylic paint which was watered down to the consistency of water-colour paint. What fun! I can’t remember the last time I just sat and played with paint for no other reason than to play. It made me wonder if my creativity isn’t becoming a little goal orientated maybe?

Acrylic brush samples detail

The following day we spent a session getting the maximum from our brushes. I’ve got loads of different brushes but I hadn’t realised that most of them do the same job – that is they are the same length and pretty much the same size. Bit of brush shopping ahead. Yay! A longer haired brush will hold more paint and so won’t need refilling so often. All that means that you can get great quality paint lines. Here is the master himself at work. I was gobsmaked that with a size 16 brush he could paint such a variety of lines just by using the whole length or the brush tip, pressing harder or very lightly. Amazing…

Ian Coleman brush work

I’d never discovered watercolour board before now either. So this activity below was gently challenging.We had to paint a flower (Ian’s example photocopy can be seen below my attempt) by bleeding the acrylic colour and dragging the paint using just the large brush. Not as easy as it looks! And it goes to remind me that you’re never too old or practiced to learn some new tricks!

acrylic flowers

It’s been a hard day in the world of child education today – so I’ll be back with the rest tomorrow.