This week at work has been a week of sharp contrasts. Exhausting, upsetting, tricky – worthwhile, helpful and touching.

Warley Woods shadows

So  I was very happy to get the chance to sit in my PJ’s this morning, ruminating and looking to blog land for any kind of inspiration. And this is what I heard from The Vintage Magpie talking about her weekend “there was a sense of Mother Nature slowing your pace, gently pressing your shoulders down and helping you breathe easier step by step.” (So well put it’s worth quoting).

Warley Woods bench

And I knew straight away that, that was exactly what I needed today – and it helped that the sun was shining and that Summer tried to hold on for one more day.


You can never under-estimate the power of a good walk, a breeze, a view and for me some ‘combing’ – beach or field – I’m not fussy!

Conkers and acorns

It’s amazes me how our soul’s can navigate towards what feeds them if we follow.

sketchbook painting - field combing

And if all of that wasn’t enough I had a lovely long hour recording some of this Autumn bounty in my sketchbook. I’m breathing deeply now.