Sketch 1 Burano Burano house

Palazzo 2 Sketch 2 Venice

I was determined (especially as we were sans enfants) to do some drawing on site while we were in Venice. It’s ages, probably as long ago as art college, that I’ve drawn out in the field, so as to speak. I always find it a little scary at first because I don’t like to be observed while I’m working, and people are naturally curious and want to peer over your shoulder. But drawing a place really connects you to it more than a photo can. I took photo’s to use for further reference, particularly colour ref.  I’ve got lots of ideas buzzing around my head for further work on these…mono printing, fabric collages with stitching, painting with lots of texturising…but while we’re in the middle of the school holidays I think it’s going to have live on in my heart and head a while longer!