Venice panoramic

Me at the Grand Canal

Venice was absolutely beautiful, magical, hot, busy and inspiring! I could post all my photos here; I took hundreds of pictures of doors, windows, gondola’s, architecture… I can’t choose between any of them! I should work out how to use Flickr (it’s on my to-do list.) We pounded the pavements in order to see everything we could in the time that we were there and managed to pack a lot of Venetian history and culture in, not to mention eating and drinking on a regular basis!

Burano waterfront

My favourite place of all was definitely the island of Burano because of the colours. Every corner you turn, there are painted houses and shutters or striped door curtains juxtaposed against each other.

Burano houses

Throw in some beautiful flowering trees, a contrasting piece of garden furniture or some rose bud patterned washing (yes I did photograph that, and yes even though my Italian is not good I did understand the neighbour’s weren’t overly impressed!) everywhere I turned there was a scene crying out to be painted.

Burano pink houses

When I win a painting grant (!) Burano is top of my list of places to spend painting.