I spent many lovely hours stalking through this new blog that I discovered last week; http://www.geninne.com/

I love discovering a new blog full of inspiration and ideas, and this was right on the button! I happen to go to Hobbycraft the very next day and so could stock up on all the materials I needed and spend birthday money ( so no guilt!)

cutting a printing block

All of these for £20!! Bargain.


Gennine cuts the most beautiful and intricate stamps and makes it look really easy (which, I discovered yesterday, it isn’t!)

There is a really good video tutorial on the sidebar of her blog site.

printing pads

So this is my first attempt in many long years to cut a stamper from an eraser and I based it on the line drawings from Sunday night.


Another guilt free purchase was this fantastic magnetic lettering set. It has different screw on bases which enable you to make single letter, one line or two line phrases.

printing block

That is also much trickier to use than it looks because of getting the pressure just right – too much and the straight edge prints, not enough and there are letters missing. The letters can also go wonky once printed, so it’s best to check them before each pressing.

Finished card

They say ‘The thought counts’ so I’m sure that despite the lumpy, bumpy nature of this first attempt, that the message of thanks will override. And anyway they look authentically handmade!