My weekend began on Friday with this.

100_2854 100_2857

My friend and I often have ‘sewcials’ which usually means we sit and chat and don’t get around to much. There was the one time we tried having our own knitting circle (more a duo really ) but I had to unpick everything I knitted because I’d made so many mistakes while yakking away!

We saw these on the internet and thought we’d give it a go!

I used up some old scraps of Freshcut by Heather Bailey, which has stopped being printed now so if you want it, and see it, then buy it!

The photos on the Spool website look gorgeous. My birds are more characterful shall we say! From the wrong angle they have an eagle, hooked nosed look to them! One even has a duck’s bill! Maybe less chat and more attention to the shaping is needed next time!

100_2860 100_2869 100_2873

The next day rolled into sewing a present for a friend. Full reveal cannot happen until August in case said friend sees!


Then Sunday finished up with the chopping up of the shirts and the laying out of the new, ‘picnic’ quilt.

What a long yarn this post has been (geddit!) I was tired today from all the ‘bobbin’ around! I’ll go now, I’ve lost the ‘thread’ of what I was saying!!!