I grew up 10 miles outside of London and left about 20 odd years ago to come to the Midlands to study Textile Design.

Once here I studied, met a lovely man and wanted to stay. Despite one year in between things, I have been living here ever since, neatly placed between both sets of parents!

Courtauld coutyard

Every so long though I need a ‘London’ day where I can get the rush of being in the slipstream of people on the Underground, feast my eyes on the familiar sights and get a culture top up. Red buses (the old style that has a ticket collector) make me the most nostalgic as it reminds me of all those years travelling to secondary school.

One of the draws this time was the Beyond Bloomsbury exhibition at the Courtald Institute.

The building itself is absolutely beautiful and it houses a lot of  pictures from the rock stars of painting – old and new.

Courtauld staircase

But the print fiend in me just loved these Bloomsbury prints. You can take photographs (never expected that but just happened to have the camera handy!) so long as you keep the flash off. Which is why they arn’t super photo’s but still enough for inspiration.

I would have loved to have been one of the Bloomsbury Set working for the Omega workshop. Such great ideals, such a close community of artists, such fun designing, printing and painting onto anything!

If you like this work or ethos and you’ve never been to Charlston then I’d highly recommend it. It is my favourite place second to Portmerion but that’s another blog post story another day!


bloomsbury printBloomsbury print

After a lovely lunch in Leon’s (great food and great decor ) it was a trip to Liberty’s which is a beautiful old department store. Inside it’s got old wood panelling and wooden staircases with stained glass windows. You can really imagine a lady from the 1920’s dropping in to replace her gloves or buy a new hat. It’s got a much more modern approach to retail now but not so much so that it’s out of place inside the old building. The tearooms are worth a visit too especially after all that walking!