With Dalia’s this beautiful growing in the garden, I couldn’t help but be inspired back to painting.Β  We don’t have a lot of flowers to choose from growing in the garden, but once I’d picked these I could see a colour theme emerging for itself.Circus girl set up

It didn’t look like a big project when I set it up but as soon as I began to draw it I could see how complex the various flower structures were. Even in the space of one hour (the time it took to draw it ) I could see petals opening or wilting and knew that time wouldn’t be on my side!

Drawing Circus girl.

I love the colour combinations and think I’m going to use something like the rubber on a pencil end, to print in the white polka dots. Yippee! I love a bit of printing! I think that the more I paint well, exactly what I can see, the more likely I will be to give myself permission to ad lib a little more and use ‘looser’ techniques which will bring a very different quality to the work. We’ll see – one can only develop at the speed that the creative urge guides and I don’t think I’m ready yet but watch this space!

Circus girl - background painted in.