I’ve been feeling the pressure lately here with the run up to the RBSA show and then continuing to paint for another open show coming up. And I guess with every high (the giddy excitement of getting in the show and winning something ) comes a low.

I found this week that I’d lost my mojo a bit and have been trying not to beat myself for not being able to settle to any great task with a paint brush.

I have found myself wanting to knit cupcakes though!

There’s something very therapeutic about knitting, it’s very gentle on the brain (once you’ve mastered the pattern.) The repetition is calming, a bit like sitting repeatedly rocking in a rocking chair except at the end of a few hours you have something to show for it.

100_2307 100_2308

100_2305 100_2311

When I was in France recently, you may remember the need for wool free crafting ideas. The cupcakes began then only made from material scraps.

100_2097 100_2104

100_2100 100_2109

I’m not sure what the appeal is with cupcakes – it’s a motif I love to return to either with paint or fabric. I’ve been known to batik cupcake pictures, applique cupcake aprons, paint cupcake’s then Photo Shop them into stationary items, not to mention make them to eat! Maybe it’s because they represent fun and frivolity, or that they’re colourful and reminiscent of picnic’s and relaxing times. I think I may have answered my own question there about why I need to find distraction with them right now!