I was just wandering through blog land looking at some of my favourite sites and slavering over some of their studio spaces, when the truth of my own existence dawned on me.

I’d love to have a purpose built studio to showcase here, so this post is a little tongue in cheek and won’t make it into Studios.


It’s neither big, well decorated, nor has good light. It doesn’t have matching anything or colour co-ordinated furnishings. I can hardly move around in there! It’s very like a cock pit; once I’m sat down, I pull up the table with my paints on and I’m engaged for action!


But maybe it’s worth putting it out there to show that creativity can thrive anywhere. I could wait until we move house to somewhere with good North light, big windows and a large space to paint in, but I know that’s not going to happen anytime soon and do I want to turn the off tap on my flow of creativity and wait on something that may never happen?

It’s always tempting to put things off for a better day – tomorrow I might be better at painting, next year I may have a larger space…but things can grow from small humble beginnings.


Incidentally, I had to sit next door on the bed to write this as my daughter has commandeered the ‘studio’ to finish her Dream School project. If such a small space is in demand then perhaps it’s magic is not in the square footage of the room, but in the possibilities that being inside can release.