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This turned out to be a four day labour of love!

It began well with a great drawing (should have sensed then what was coming!) It was so complicated to draw the layers of pussy willow and cherry blossom that I nearly went cross-eyed.

Then as soon as I began to paint in the background I realised the error of using up the only really large sheet of paper that I had to hand. (Note to self – make an effort to get to the out of the way art shop and stockpile.)  It looked like it had a nice surface texture, which I like, but once I applied paint I could see that it was a piece of paper suitable for oil painting on and had a slightly waxed coating which was repelling the water based paint. It also deadened all the colours.


So it was 50/50 – carry on or abandon ship?

I opted to carry on and not waste all that time spent drawing. I’m also trying to build up ‘painting muscles’ and not quit as soon as it gets difficult.

100_1904 100_1905

Some features turned out really well. It’s the biggest painting I’ve tried in a long while and so it’s given me a bit of stamina for the longer pieces. I’ve also learnt that even in our current make do and mend culture, that some things still have to reach the recycling box unused! Let me know if you like oil painting and want some paper…

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