At the beginning of term ( I work part time as a teacher) we had an INSET day (training for teacher’s) at my school for personal development. It was all about how to work through an issue you have in life, what’s the one thing you’ll look back on and regret not doing, what’s preventing you from doing it now, how would you go about it etc etc.
We even got given a little notebook to jot it all down in.
What a great day – being paid to plan what I really want to be about!
So I’ve been keeping my non working days free to paint (no socials/cleaning/washing – nowt) since the beginning of the year. But this INSET day pushed me along a little further.
First up – I’ve stopped waiting to move to St Ives looking for artistic inspiration and community and begun looking closer to home.
Second of all – I’ve stopped waiting to be good enough!
Thirdly – I’ve stopped seeing my job as a hinderance and begun to think how lucky I am to be so well paid as to afford to have two days free for other persuits. When the other persuits grow too large for two days – that is the time to rethink.


So I’ve looked on the internet and found a local open art competition on at RBSA (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) and three paintings are currently at the framers being framed ready to submit for the competition!!

I’ve been reading Taking Flight: Inspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings by Kelly Rae Roberts, which I think she must have written just for me to read this week! It’s full of all the kind of sound encouragement the vulnerable creative needs to stir them into feeling confident enough to take a step out  into the unknown.


Lets wait and see how these three fare…