Sweet Williams are one of my best-est, most favourite, happiest, rewarding plants to grow, buy or paint.


Apparently they are named after either the 18th century Prince William or William Shakespeare

Pinks in Cup_claire_leggett

I love painting them – I love the colours, the zig-zag petal edges, the way the colours bleed and the patterning.

Perserve in progress_claire_leggett

I often make myself little notes of encouragement to pin-up around the studio.


This one is to keep me persevering! If you want to download a copy for yourself there is a pdf here if you click the link: Claire_Leggett_Persevere Pinks.jpg you can print it off and share the encouragement :)

Claire_Leggett_Persevere Pinks


I can never pass up on the opportunity to buy a cheap orchid when I’m at Ikea.

This time they had these miniature ones which are the perfect size for a still life painting.

Claire_leggett_watercolour_painting_in progress

I was going for a more tonal approach with this set up…jury’s out on this one!

Claire_Leggett_painting_Orchid, Horse and Butterfly_w'mkdpsd

Orchid, Horse and Butterfly © Claire Leggett


Everything has a season so they say and this year has not been my season for the garden (poor neglected thing).

alchemilla mollis

However some past efforts continue to pay dividends – thank you Roses, that white weed thingy, the cow-parsley plant, my patio pots and of course the Alchemilla Mollis.
Achemilla Mollis in cup_claire_leggett in progress

I snipped a few things I could find the other day  – all pleasingly lime green, green and yellow (thank you garden for self-theming the colours) and popped them into my 25 pence bargain jug for an afternoons play with the paints.

Achemilla Mollis in cup_claire_leggett


Here at home it’s been a busy time of visiting open days for prospective universities  – we’ve covered some miles in the car and on foot!


Last week we did Oxford and Cambridge back to back – two fantastic cities covered at breakneck speed but the weather was lovely and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see some snaps I took.


And speaking of Instagram, I had seen from someones feed that the Natural History Museum on the Oxford University grounds was worth a visit and so I ducked out and did just that and boy was I pleased.


Apart from the usual bones and stuffed creatures they had fantastic displays of butterflies and insects which is what I had wanted to find.


I wouldn’t want to encounter any of these without plate-glass between us but they are fascinating and endlessly inspiring for design work.


I snapped so many pictures that I had to delete all my music files off my phone just to make enough space to continue – that’s dedication!


Just through the Natural History museum is the Pitt Rivers museum.


The museum began when Lieutenant-General Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers (long enough name?) gave a collection of around 30,000 objects to the University of Oxford in 1884 – you can read about it here.



It is an eclectic collection of objects to say the least but it did put a smile on my face because some of it is just so random.


I loved the textiles (sadly it was very dark so the photos aren’t great).


And as if all that wasn’t enough fun, imagine my joy at finding  ‘my’ book in the gift shop 😊


Celebrating again, this time well behind the event which happened in June 2013!



If I had seen at the time that I’d been featured on the Print and Pattern blog here, then I would have hung the bunting and popped a champagne cork. I’m not sure how it escaped my attention for two years but never-the-less wanted to have a small ‘whoop, whoop’ moment here anyways as it is/was a milestone event in a pattern designers life!  🙌

The Pattern Base book

Some things are worth waiting for and this is definitely one of the them – I am actually now able to hold The Pattern Base book in my excited little hands!

The Pattern Base book 1

The Pattern Base book is by Kristi O’Meara and edited by Audrey Victoria Keiffer – cofounders of the Chicago-based design studio and online archive The Patternbase.

The Pattern Base book 2

It is a curation of 378 pages, showcasing a collection of 681 designs from 150 contemporary textile, surface, fashion, and print designers from around the world.

The Pattern Base book 3

Illustrative, abstract, geometric, floral, digital and constructed textile patterns are all represented here and all the work is by up and coming designers.

The Pattern Base book 4

I submitted my surface pattern designs way back in 2012 when this was a kick-starter idea and I had no idea that I would be fortunate enough to get two double page spreads but there I am on pages 228 and 229 🙆

Claire Leggett_The Pattern Base book

I had been working on a group of paintings at the time featuring vintage china and cutlery and had developed some elements into these two pattens.

Claire Leggett_The Pattern Base book pattern design 2

These went onto be selected to represent in the Illustrative category  – brilliant!

Claire Leggett_The Pattern Base book pattern design

It’s not everyday you get into print so I’m having a solo studio party today! 😉🎉🍸

madder 4

Da-dahhh! A break in my artistic output for another creative past-time – it’s an almost headless me sporting me new hand-knit; Madder by Carrie Bostock Hodge.

madder 3

My recent stay in b&b accommodation for Patchings meant blissful evenings with nowt to do but please myself; books, knitting, TV, films… aah it was heaven for a few days and so the cardi got finished.

madder 2

I started well – it was my first time knitting a whole garment in the round and the stocking stitch turned out beautifully. Then I hit the patterned yoke – I ripped it out four consecutive times which is no mean feat on a circular needle – eventually I had to try to knit it with no distractions, no TV, no chat, no movement, nothing! so I put out a sign saying Do Not Enter (the room) so I could just absolutely concentrate on getting the pattern right (it’s a long way round if you’ve got the stitch count wrong on a circular row!)

madder 5

Once I’d done the first repeat pattern section, I wondered what all my fuss had been about and got on easily with the next two repeats. Great pattern, lovely gifted yarn and something I’ll probably wear instead of knitting it and hanging it in the cupboard.

Have a super weekend x


Hard to believe that I started this painting twenty days ago at the 2015 Patchings Festival as part of my demonstrating.


I never find it easy to paint whilst being watched, but people love to see how you go about your work and it makes the event unique and is a great talking point. So I was slower than in normal studio conditions and I also set myself quite the challenge putting pink flowers on pink floral, throwing in some lace-work and tackling that composition from above.


I didn’t get it finished at the festival so in-between travelling up and down the country looking at University open days with my youngest, I’ve been fiddling with this.

Red_Apples_Claire Leggett

Gonna call it done now; successes, flaws and all!

This was my stand for the four days of the Patchings Art Festival 2015

image copy

We had terrific weather for the whole four days which is especially welcome when you want to keep the condensation down in a marquee full of art!


Visitors got to enjoy the sun, the band and the ice creams as well as watch us demonstrate our art. 


I met some lovely people; both visitors (my Mum, Dad and Auntie made a surprise(ish) visit too) and other exhibitors and I had a really enjoyable time.


This is the painting I was working on whilst there – it isn’t finished yet as it’s more fun to chat to people so it was slower progress than in studio conditions  – but I will complete it soon.IMG_7448I like this photo as it captures a little of what I feel after four days away! A few good sleeps and a g & t tonight and I’ll be back on fine form again ;)

I’m currently packing up ready to head to Nottinghamshire on Wednesday to set up my stall at Patchings Art Festival again this year.

header1Patchings Festival 2015 leaflet

 It’s a great day out especially if you appreciate art or like to make art and crafts – lots of demonstrations and materials to buy. If you fancy coming and want a free ticket then I have a couple – email me today (Monday) and I’ll get them out by first-class post tomorrow (UK only). Maybe see you there!

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