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What is it about Decembers approach and shorter darker days that seems to gobble up time and energy?!

indian minature v and a 4

I intended to be back here much earlier in the week to tell you about the wonderful V and A Museum. I have loved that place since the first day I discovered it in my teens. It’s like getting a round-the-world ticket to visit every culture and museum under one roof – so much design inspiration from every corner of the globe.

map  v and a

I had gone to see the Fabrics of India exhibition and I had taken a pen and paper because I so often come home with a book or some postcards and put them on the high teetering pile of ‘Future Inspiration’ but fail to get around to it.


This time I thought I’d work while at the exhibition and cut out the lazy and forgetful stage and come home ready with some drawings to develop. And I’m glad I did because a) it was a no photos exhibition and b) there was so much to feast on.


So you may ask where did all these photos come from? The answer being the Asian Art gallery that I just happened to duck into on the way.

claire_leggett_indian minature v and a

I so love Indian Miniature paintings – all the jewel colours, intricate patterns and the stories being told.

indian minature v and a 2

indian minature v and a close up

And there is something about the embroidery which inspires me endlessly too although I would never want to embroider it – I’m too impatient!

indian fabric v and a

The exhibition is beautifully set out and the videos of fabric being made are fascinating – like watching a caterpillar farm (well mulberry silkworm) harvesting silk – now I understand why it’s so expensive.

indian fabric 3 v and a
I’ll pop in again to show you my visit to the wonderful Borough market next.

claire leggett Liberty collage 1

I am just back from a little gallivant around London as I am want to do every so often.

claire leggett Liberty FTM

I had a hit-list as usual and one of my destinations was the Liberty in Fashion exhibition on at the Fashion and Textile museum. Liberty was set up 140 years go to retail goods from the Far East but it soon began contributing to British fashion by both its influence and it’s offerings.

claire leggett Liberty FTM 1

Arthur Liberty wanted to create a new fashion and did so by developing “Art Colours” and Liberty’s own fabrics.

claire leggett Liberty FTM collage

These qualities were distinctive and soon became adjectives in themselves e.g.; softly draping silk was known simply as Liberty silk.

claire leggett Liberty FTM 2

The idea of dressing with references to history or artistic movements soon became synonymous with The Liberty Look.

claire leggett Liberty FTM 3

Before WWI Liberty produced delicate floral prints. By 1920 the shopper preferred designs on darker grounds which then gave way to pastel shades on lighter grounds to reflect the romantic mood of the 1930’s. The latter is still considered the archetypal Liberty print.

claire leggett Liberty FTM 5

In the 1960’s Liberty’s embraced the fashion forward crowd, collaborating with new designers. But my interest peaks with 1920 – 40’s and picks up again in the 1970’s when Collier and Campbell began to design for Liberty’s.

claire leggett Liberty FTM collage 2

It’s not a big exhibition but there is design reference and inspiration a plenty.

claire leggett Liberty FTM collage 3

Back soon with more of What Claire Did.

Claire_Leggett_Bright Bazaar book

I have been cheering myself up on this wet, windy, grey week with a lovely colourful book I found.


Claire_Leggett_Bright Bazaar book image1

Will Taylor writes the Bright Bazaar blog and has the most cheerful Instagram feed I subscribe to.


Claire_Leggett_Bright Bazaar book colour palettes

He’s one of those people who takes beautiful travel photos that transport you to somewhere inspiring and in this book he’s grouped them to use as jumping off points for home decor colour schemes.


Bright Bazaar book montage

I have been stalking this book at TK Max for sometime and was giddy to find it cut price last week and it does not disappoint.


I love a book full of colour inspiration for pattern and design; one that you can flick through and think ‘ooh I love that photo’ and on deeper consideration realise that it’s the colours that appeal.

claire leggett surface pattern design table top

I used this little snapshot on the left for a colour palette to apply to a little painted leaf pattern I was playing at.

claire leggett surface pattern design

Hope you’ve managed to find a little cheer this week amongst the winter weather x



Good Monday morning to you! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. We have had rain and wind lashing about all weekend which has meant discovering some lovely windfall’s.


I found these gorgeous white berries blushed with a little pink on one of my blustery dog walks.


Perfect for cosying up at home and painting whilst drying out!


claire Leggett Novemebr calendar page 2016

Happy November and to celebrate I’m waiving all postage costs on ordering my 2016 calendar, anywhere in the worldFor ONE WEEK only. So that’s just £12 for a years worth of beautiful organisation!

mosaic__surface_pattern_design_calendar_2016 copy

Please visit my Etsy shop  if you live abroad or if you are in the UK please email me for bank transfer details.


Ends 3.00pm GMT Sunday 8th November 2015. If you want more than one calendar we’ll come to some arrangement on postage costs :)

Claire Leggett greeting card rose macaron

Just popping in with my business hat on to let you know that I’ve had some new greetings cards made up.

Claire Leggett greeting card tea and cake

These are all vintage teacup paintings with a little something on the side.

claire leggett greeting card ollies cup psd

Professionally printed onto watercolour paper and blank inside, they are good enough as cards or for letter notes.

claire leggett greeting card coffee macaron

You can see bigger photos of the paintings themselves here and I’ll put the cards in my shop really soon.

claire leggett handpainted notebooks

I’ve also painted a new set of notebooks –  I was probably inspired by these dark nights we’re getting now.

claire leggett Mosesley art market sept 2015

It is Moseley Art Market, Birmingham this coming Saturday 31st Oct; if you’re local please come and enjoy the food and craft markets and (dare I say it) get ahead on your Christmas shopping!

claire leggett Mosesley art market sept 2015 1

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure to go as visiting artist to a lovely primary school as part of The Big Draw.

Claire Leggett The Big Draw school workshop 2015_6

The Big Draw is the world’s biggest drawing festival with thousands of drawing activities which connect people of all ages with museums, outdoor spaces, artists, designers, illustrators – and each other.

Claire Leggett The Big Draw school workshop 2015_3

This international celebration of drawing has grown from one day in October 2000 in the UK to an annual month-long festival of drawing across the world.

Processed with Moldiv

This year the theme was Every Drawing Tells A Story and I designed a workshop for children where we looked at drawing our hands.

Claire Leggett The Big Draw

These were a class of year three’s (that’s about age 7) and we began the day with some fun warm-up activities like a timed continuous line drawing and then a charcoal rub which they then drew through with an eraser.

Processed with Moldiv

Oh what fun and happy mess that was! I had forgotten how kids can really maximise a messy activity – luckily it was before break-time and I could restore order to the classroom. All I can say to the mums and dads is sorry about your child’s school uniform  😳 and I used to be a teacher! Shame on me – ha ha!

Claire Leggett The Big Draw school workshop 2015_2

They learnt lots of new skills so they could draw a hand in proportion better.

Claire Leggett The Big Draw school workshop 2015_5

And they also leant about tone and how to achieve that.

Processed with Moldiv

Then with all those skills under their belt we thought a bit about how hand gestures can communicate our feelings and they drew one.

Claire Leggett The Big Draw school workshop 2015_12

All in all it was a fun-filled day and I came home with the sweetest evaluations forms from the children; all written in child speak and spelt phonetically saying how they’d enjoyed themselves and want to become artists. Thank you Big Draw it was a day we all enjoyed :)

I have had a slow Sunday – heaven. During my mooching and slouching I happened across the Period Living Artisan Designer pages on-line.

Period Living Cathy Emmott

Period Living is a UK based homes and interiors magazine and often has a feature on an artist designer and their interesting home and workspace.

Period Living Sarah Campbell

These were my favourites: always a Sarah Campbell fan and I love Vicky Lindo’s quirky ceramics (look at those sketchbooks too).

Period Living Vicky Lindo

I’ve written about Wendy Bray here before – love to see those old hands painting and ruling – that’s gonna be me I hope – it’s inspiring to see.

Period Living Wedny Bray

And I’ve seen Amanda Hiller’s work around but didn’t know anything about her so this was interesting to find.Period Living Amanda Hillier

If you fancy a slow hour enjoying a look then head to, type Artisan into the search field and a whole page full will pop up – enjoy  😀

I have just finished up filling my current sketchbook and wondered if you’d like a peep?


There is a trend for sketch booking at the moment, particularly doing something in it everyday.


I think sketchbooks can be a place to experiment, log thoughts and images and experiment without a necessary end. I don’t work in it consistently but have phases.


I feel like mine are an extension of my brain; a place to gather and record thoughts that I know will disappear in the busyness and constant flood of visual inspiration.


 I will often look back through one and pick up again on the way something was painted or a collage technique that I liked.


I’m a great magazine snipper too and can end up overwhelmed by bits of this and that lying around waiting to inspire me. Sometimes I’ll have a few hours really looking at them and asking myself what it is about the image that captures my interest and then trying to work that out in the sketchbook.


Often enough this kind of playing will result in a motif for a pattern too.

claire_leggett_all over pattern cupcakes

I began this book in September 2103 so it may be another two years before I can post like this again!

claire_leggett_artist_designer_a copy

Trying to follow my prompts; this time “Make art everyday”. So today was about painting flowers and then doing admin jobs. These are that humble, last for ever flower Alstroemeria, that sells cheaply and is often overlooked even though it’s really beautiful if you look closely enough.


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