claire_leggett_monprint collageI’ve spent some time this week playing round with mono-printing.

claire_leggett_monprint 3

It wasn’t spectacularly successful until I simply painted onto acetate using acrylic paint and took a print that way.


But it was fun and it made me dig out the old overalls I wore to college back in 1990 ;)



Here’s further progress in reducing the pile of inspiration stacked up around the studio – winter flowers inspired by a spread in Country Living mag.

claire_Leggett_Surface pattern designer

Hope you all got this week off to great start today x


Do you like vintage china? pattern? painting? Want a lovely day out with a scrummy home-cooked lunch?

Then this could be just for you –  the lovely Bev and Nigel of Old Bank Studios have booked me to teach a Pattern on Pattern Teacups watercolour (gouache) class on Saturday 5th March. 


All abilities are welcome. We will work from a still-life set up and approach the painting in stages.


Or you can go at your own pace and follow your own creative leading. Either way Bev will still cook a lovely lunch for us to eat together 😛 Booking details are here.


Then on Sunday 6th March I’m teaching All Things Bright and Beautiful (Mixed Media) again at Old Bank Studios so why not make a weekend of it? It is the Mothers Day weekend – treat yourself or come together and treat your mum!

claire_leggett_multimedia painting_BT

This is a fun way of working: layering up collaged papers and paint layers, starting out loose and experimentally and then adding increasing levels of detail. I’ll be bringing bird and butterfly reference material but you can make your canvas of any image you want.

If you want to make a weekend of it I’m sure Bev will happily suggest local accommodation – email her here or phone her on 01255 242930. You can book onto the course here.


Harwich is a bit of a drive but don’t let that put you off! (all the more reason to come for the weekend…) Bev and Nigel are two of the loveliest, most genuine people I’ve met and Old Bank Studios is a lovely setting to learn and create in. Oh and did I mention the delicious lunches…

monet to matisse

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 15.58.48

This is looking very exciting… happy weekend x

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 15.59.14

I have a v. large pin-board in my studio which is great except I have a tendency to fill it with things I’m inspired by but then not ever get round to following that inspiration. It’s become a bit like a huge pin-board of my brain or a way of filing things and putting them off – you know, a little drawing here, an inspiring card there = a big pile after a while.


So one of my 2016 intentions has been to actually set to and get making.

Claire_leggett_Indian col palette

This is making for a bit of a random but fun way of working as I pick my way through the pinning, taking each as it comes without much planning.

claire_Leggett_surface_design_forest floor design copy

Here’s a new pattern design which started as a post-dog walk sketch of some finds in the wood which I then put into a pattern repeat and coloured with a palette chosen from a lovely painting in the V& A which I’d seen on a recent visit.

Wonder what’s next in the pick and mix?!

Caroline_Gavin_pattern_calendar 4

Hello all you fellow pattern lovers. I have this lovely new 2016 Caroline Gavin calendar to put some cheer on the walls.


And don’t we need it – I don’t know about you but I’m sick of the daily downpours (although also v.v. grateful not to be contending with flooding) and ready to see some colour outside.

Caroline_Gavin_pattern_calendar 3

I love the painterly style of Carolines work and her use of colour.

Caroline_Gavin_pattern_calendar 2

Her Instagram feed is a dose of sunshine too if you need a colour shot 😉

Happy New Year one and all – I wish you a happy, healthy and fulfilling one. I got this new mug for Christmas- it’ll help keep me focused for 2016 while I sip my tea 😉


Happy Christmas everyone! It is major clean up day here at The Leggetts ready to welcome our guests tomorrow and start celebrating.


I pimped the dresser over the weekend meaning everything came off for a wash and then only red, gold and green china went back on for the Christmas hols.


I love it 😍 and think I might colour theme it again.


I even made a little reindeer snow scene on an old tray (no accounting for size or scale!) 

So all that remains is to say Happy Holidays 🎅 and as always thank you for connecting with me here and supporting my work. See you in 2016 x

©Claire Leggett Surface Pattern designer

A little winters pattern inspired by this book.


Ahh, it’s seems immaterial to either show these photos so belatedly or to yadda on about why I didn’t show them before – just not enough time in the day… but here they are anyways.

claire_leggett_Borough Market1

So this was what we did on day 2 of our ‘recent’ gad about London.

claire_leggett_Borough Market

This is Borough market, tucked under the railway arches of South East London and in the shadow of The Shard.

claire_leggett_Borough Market4

It used to be a wholesale fruit and veg market and there was never really any reason to go to Southwark back in the day (when I were a lass) but now it’s a fashionable place to go for all foodies, thanks in part to celebrity chefs endorsing it and the rise of independent food suppliers.

claire_leggett_Borough Market3

I dunno what it is about a pile of fruit and veg that gets my inspiration juices flowing, but it does.

claire_leggett_Borough Market9

Probably colour and texture.

claire_leggett_Borough Market2

These squashes made the most beautiful display of colour and shape.

claire_leggett_Borough Market12

My other half is the same but he wants to buy and cook it.

claire_leggett_Borough Market7

We had to satisfy ourselves with bread and mushrooms (but my, what mushrooms!)

claire_leggett_columbia road

In other news – we went here after a recommendation only to find all the shops pretty much closed  – so my advice to you is don’t bother unless the Sunday flower market is on.

claire_leggett_liberty london

So although we were trying to avoid my usual London triangulation, we ended up doing it anyway.

claire_leggett_ london

The Christmas lights were looking lovely and Liberty didn’t disappoint either.

Anita Klein @ Eames Fine Art Studio

                         Anita Klein @ Eames Fine Art Studio

I also happened across Eames Fine Art Studio on Bermondsey Street where they’re having an Anita Klein exhibition.

anita klien 1

You know already I’m a fan. This work shows her exploring her experiences of becoming a grandmother for the first time. Beautiful as ever.

Anita Klein @ Eames Fine Art Studio

Anita Klein @ Eames Fine Art Studio

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