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Trying to follow my prompts; this time “Make art everyday”. So today was about painting flowers and then doing admin jobs. These are that humble, last for ever flower Alstroemeria, that sells cheaply and is often overlooked even though it’s really beautiful if you look closely enough.



I took Art, Inc.: The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist by Lisa Congdon on holiday recently.


There’s nothing like a change of scenery and routine to open up the psyche to some old truths that need hearing afresh and maybe to some new ways of thinking.


I had resolved to not keep buying books written by artists making money telling artists how to be artists, but this one appealed (round corners!) and Lisa has a nice writing voice – it was refreshingly constructive.


I decided to write down words or phrases that resounded with me while I was reading it; and I have since re-written them and pinned them up around the studio so they can seep into my subconsciousness.


I keep glancing up and seeing “Do uncomfortable things” – ah, surely not!

Hurrah! my new 2016 calendar is printed and ready.

Claire_leggett_surface_pattern_design_calendar_MAY_2016 copy

I think I like it more than last years!


I was short of a title idea then my daughter came up with “Eat, Sleep, Pattern Repeat – a year of painted patterns” – she is a genius!

Jan, Feb, March and April

Each month has a themed floral watercolour painted pattern design…

Claire_leggett_surface_pattern_design_calendar_FEB_2016 copy

and a date grid bordered by the same design – another credit to Lucy for that idea (it really is a family business here sometimes!)

May, June, July, Aug                                           

It is professionally printed on 250gsm card stock – a nice weight of paper to keep its shape all year and matte so you can write on it without icky, sticky, skiddy pen marks.

Claire_Leggett__Aug_calendar_2016_pattern_date_page copyThey are the same price as last year – £12.00

Claire_leggett_surface_pattern_design_calendar_APRIL_2016 copy

If you fancy one I have put some in my Etsy shop.

If you live in the UK you could pay by bank transfer maybe – that way I get to recoup as much of the costs as possible without having to pay fee’s – please email me at and I’ll send the details.

If you live abroad – then using Paypal and Etsy is the way to go!

mosaic__surface_pattern_design_calendar_2016 copy

Firstly, on my last post – thank you my sweet commenters 💖😻


You know you’ve been busy when you rely on photographs taken to remind you of where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. But it’s all good and being busy is all part of the business of being alive!


This was my WIP until recently. Now I’m struggling to remember the pattern because another WIP has superseded it.


Which is this one – a blanket for my youngest (who is planning to take it to Uni this time next year 😭) We are doing it together but she’s so hooked (and might have more free time than me) that she’s done two-thirds of the above.


I am so chuffed to see her relaxing doing crochet – I feel like someone else has beamed down to my planet!


We have visited many Uni’s over the last few months. I took a snap of this poem at Sheffield because I love it – especially this bit: “Among the jumbled bric-a-brac I keep a padlocked treasure-chest of empty space and on days… I turn the key, throw back the lid, breathe deep.”

Processed with Moldiv

I took a day trip to London, saw some new East End places and some old face’s – Spitalfields and Anthropologie (of course!)


I started teaching the Baby and Toddler Sensory Art Play at our local Arts Center, which is the most fun, I love it! – I missed working with kids and this is a nice little dose of that without all the other hassle and expectation of working in a school environment.


I decided I would make some fruit inspired patterns beginning with the summer fruits. I have done raspberries so far. That’s it! Life interrupted.


It has not been Year Of The Garden this year but the blackberry brambles and the apple trees just did their thing regardless. I’m ashamed to say that only the rabbit has eaten any of the apples. The garden centre was selling off seeds for 50p a packet and I got rather carried away. So next year, instead of growing courgettes we forget to harvest, I have declared the veg garden is going to be a cutting garden and I’m going to be organised and do it right. There I said it here so I’m now accountable!


I had a big project come my way recently –  to design two tea-sets. It’s a competition and I might have really good news to share very soon – eek! 😃. I really enjoyed doing it and finally my huge collection of vintage china got put to use as visual reference – see I knew there was a reason to collect it!


I spent two solid weeks on it ignoring all the housework, cooking as simply as possible and just keeping my head down – this was the ironing pile at the end of that. I thought I’d share it to re-dress the balance if you thought I was living a beautifully styled, ordered life and share some reality with you instead!


P.S.I’m on Instagram if you like a quick, up-to-the-minute way of connecting. Link above left if you’d like to see all this in real-time.


I always feel it’s hard to find a blogging voice when a period of time has passed. I have been busy, distracted and a little bit quiet at times recently. I’ve been working hard but don’t have piles of paintings to show you. I’ve been reflecting and regrouping; finding my grass-roots again.


I’m not sure whose out there reading my thoughts anymore; I have a feeling that blogs aren’t as popular as they used to be and I’ve been giving that some thought lately. Holly wrote a good article on Decor8 this week about it and that got me thinking.


I like to read the blogs of people who interest me, who I might like to have as a friend, people who have entered into a blogging relationship with me through leaving their very welcome comments here, people who inspire me to greater things in some way, people who see the world the way I do and some who see it radically different.


So I’m not sure that my own blog fits any of those standards but I do know that I don’t want it to die away because I like connecting with people, I need to know if you like my work, agree with my ideas or enjoy the same things that I do.


I have recently been cutting down on overloading my incoming/inspiration pipeline – you know when you’ve read too much, looked at too many images, pinned the next big things you’re going to do and then you don’!  I have cancelled magazine subscriptions, slimmed down my on-line time, culled a few Followings, decided Twitter doesn’t need me or I it ( or any new social media offerings) but have come out the other side nostalgic and parental about this blog. I don’t make any money from it, I simply like to document what I’m doing and really enjoy knowing that sometimes it resonates with other people.

So I could have summed that all up by saying sorry for being flaky lately, my blog is not R.I.P in fact I am renewing my vows with it!

Claire Leggett_surface pattern design

Today is all about painting Roses and Posies. Happy Friday everyone!

Wow – it’s been so long since I blogged that I’d almost forgotten how to do it! Sorry for my absence, just busy with life really.

He who seeks_claire_leggett_

I have painted another little encouragement poster. I subscribe to Bowl of Saki and everyday I get a short spiritual message in my inbox. Mostly I read it and think, ‘how wise’ before promptly forgetting it. But sometimes they stick; this one must have made an impact at the time it arrived, as I printed it off and gussied it up. It’s been up on my studio wall ever since. Feel free to click on the photo for a larger version and print it off for yourself.


And all the positive thinking might just be working as a dream opportunity came and found me.

Claire Leggett etsy art


Thanks for a fun Friday night selling some work 😀

I’ve updated my Etsy shop with the remainder if you didn’t get a chance on Friday. They will stay listed for a few more weeks. (Etsy link at top left hand of this page- just click through via an image)

So all the pieces for this de-stock sale are now published below along with information about sizes, materials, presentation and postage costs.


At 6pm GMT tomorrow Friday 14th Aug I’ll look at any emails sent after 6pm GMT. To make it fair to everyone who wants to buy anything, it will be first come, first served.

I’ll reply in order to emails by sending my bank details and will consider it sold once a BACS transfer from you has gone through (so I will keep a second and third interested party list in case more than one of you want the same thing) ;)

Email address is:

These are the last three pieces to preview.

© Claire Leggett Birdcage May 2011

© Claire Leggett Birdcage May 2011

 Birdcage from May 2011 is a watercolour original on paper measuring 40cm x 50 cm, un-matted and un-framed. Sent with a backing board and cellophane wrapped. £117. £5.65 UK postage, £7.45 USA and elsewhere. SOLD


I’m not going to lie – Circus Girl is going to be hard to let go of as it’s dates right back to the beginning of my journey re-discovering myself as an artist. But I’d love to see it find an appreciative home. Watercolour on paper measuring 56cm x 41cm – un-matted. £127. £5.65 UK postage, £7.45 USA and elsewhere.

© Claire Leggett

Alstroemeria © Claire Leggett

Alstroemeria is the last one up for this crazy sale – you’ll not be surprised that it’s a watercolour on paper! measures 52cm x 41cm and is un-matted. £95. £5.65 UK postage, £7.45 USA and elsewhere.

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