A couple of weeks back we went to Amsterdam for a few days.

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We stayed just outside of the Jordaan district and walked in everyday.


 This gave me plenty of opportunity to photograph (endlessly) cute rows of house with all the different gable shapes.

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Don’t be deceived by the blue skies either – it was very cold as it’s so flat the wind can just whistle through.

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We did a lot of the cultural sights like the museums, flower market and Anne Franks house and in between getting to all these places on foot we enjoyed the shopping too.

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Stach was my favourite deli – delicious and beautifully packaged too.Processed with MOLDIV

And there were lots of very cool home-ware stores too.

C_Leggett_Amsterdam_shops collage

Lots of inspiration for art-making 😄

I’m about to have an uncharacteristically unguarded moment!

claire_leggett 1. teaset prep

Normally this is a place to show nice pictures and celebrate good things and as we all know, that is just one side of the prism of my life but I keep the mess, disappointment and thankless hard work out of the picture because self-editing is usually always a good thing. I know, you know that my life isn’t all flowers, nice colours and pretty patterns.

Like most creatives, I embarked on a public journey with my art in the hope that The Internet would find me opportunities that I would otherwise have missed. And sometimes that has been true.


I was totally stoaked last year, to be approached to design a teaset. A teaset for a franchise that runs tea-shops in three high-profile department stores, two of which are in London.

I couldn’t believe it – which was a good first reaction to have because it quickly became a ‘competition’ between me and some other un-named, undisclosed artists. My philosophy was to work hard for the two weeks we had on the project, over perform, feel satisfied I’d done my very best and wait and see.

Claire Leggett_Floret Collection design board

                                                © Claire Leggett

Roll on a few weeks and I was as surprised as anyone that not just one of my design collections was chosen, but three!

Still not celebrating till the ink had dried, I waited on getting a deposit payment which eventually I did after some tenacious emailing.

© Claire Leggett

© Claire Leggett

Amazing, it looked like I was going to have three sets of china in production in 3 high street stores.

And then it went all quiet, my contact became harder to get hold of gradually becoming uncommunicative until I had to call closure on it myself. Poo! It’s all come to nothing. And no, I didn’t get fairly paid for all the work I did but that’s the downside of pitching for jobs which isn’t an unusual practice with creative endeavours.

© Claire Leggett

                                                © Claire Leggett

It was lovely work too, which is partly why I’m putting it up here.

I guess the guy who approached me had just had a good idea which he didn’t think through in a practical and financial sense until way after he’d commissioned me to visualise it. I don’t blame him particularly but why is it that artwork is seen as such a free and easy thing to conjure up without an expectation that it’s fair to pay for all the hours of work involved. It’s so under valued in commercial terms and yet we all buy stuff because we like the design on it.

No design files exchanged hands but I wouldn’t be the first person to get ripped off- another reason to name and claim my work publicly.

And now that it doesn’t hurt to say that it didn’t happen, it seems a good time to enjoy the fact that it very nearly did.

I still like The Internet. Still happy to share my working life here, although times have changed as it’s not so much a community of artist friends as it once was. And I am still finding it brings goodness unexpectedly – take this lovely little package which Pat sent me out of the blue. Pat has bought a couple of my calendars in the past and is now using the patterns to craft brooches from.

pats gift

It all goes around and comes around.

claireleggett_catus 5

These were a lot of fun to knit up!

claireleggett_catus 4

In my search for an easier life, I figured plants that don’t need watering were the way to go😉

claireleggett_catus 3

Plus, having just finished a cardigan I was ready for something small and quick that didn’t tax my tired brain cells at night and these fit that bill perfectly.

claireleggett_catus 2

I found my patterns here and here if you fancy a go yourself.

claireleggett_catus 1

claire_LEggett_bleach_paint 1.

We have builders in (hurrah  – new bathroom) but time is never your own when the house is occupied, especially for quiet creative pursuit. However I’m not complaining (we really did need a new bathroom reno) but I am finding time for shorter projects.


One of my favourite sources of inspiration for some Sunday kickback today:)


New term = new Summer term textiles class starting tonight @mac_birmingham. Here’s a peek at what last terms clever lot created.



I’ve saved my favourite place for last – Frigiliana.

Frigiliana_claireLeggett 2

Back in July 2015 we had a week in Granada (which you’ve already seen lots of here) and then we had another week by the coast.


Frigiliana is inland and was a short drive from where we were staying.

Frigiliana_claireLeggett 1

It just clicked with me – it’s very small but so cute and artistic with lots of creative industries like pottery, weaving and painting and the nicest people.

Processed with MOLDIV

I might even retire there one day if I can learn some Spanish!

Frigiliana_claireLeggett 4

Frigiliana by Night © Claire Leggett

This piece was the demo I began when I taught The Spotted Dog workshop (here) which I’ve finished now


Well that’s it folks for my show-and-tell work from last years holiday – hope you enjoyed😉

claire_leggett_Cordoba 5

I’m determined to catch up with real time (those of you following me on Instagram will already know we’re just back from Amsterdam) but first I want to finish showing the work inspired by a lovely, sunny holiday to Spain last year.

claire_leggett_Cordoba 6

Another tick on the bucket list was a visit to La Mezquite, the local name for the great Mosque even though it’s officially a Cathedral now so is sometimes also referred to as The Cathedral of Cordoba.

claire_leggett_Cordoba 7

claire_leggett_Cordoba 2

claire_leggett_Cordoba 1

It is enchanting, so atmospheric and mesmerising.

claire_leggett_Cordoba 4

The structure itself is awesome and mind-boggling (try drawing that!) but the history of it’s development is the same.

claire_leggett_Cordoba 9

Originally the site of a Roman temple and then a Visigoth church (nomadic Germanic peoples) it was later built on and extended by generations of Muslim leaders. In the 1200’s it was converted to a Cathedral with no building changes and then in 1520’s after lots of arguing it got it’s Spanish Cathedral makeover.

claire_leggett_Cordoba 10

When it was a Mosque is was a simple rectangle and was built onto to accommodate a growing population by adding further aisles which gives the amazing views of stripy, painted arches and aisles.

Claire_Leggett © Cordoba Interior

Claire_Leggett © Cordoba Interior

I did do some drawing on site and have so far painted the piece above but there’s lots more inspiration on my To Do list – it’s hard to keep up!

claire_leggett_Cordoba 8

One last Spanish post soon – hope you’re enjoying my travels and art x



I think I’ve exhausted the Alhambra for now but couldn’t wrap up without indulging in some window views.

Alhambra Palace Terrace View 2

All painters like a good composition and a window framing a beautiful view is always a winner.


The Alhambra will give you a swore neck from craning to catch all the views from all the window frames!

The Alhambra window 5

I’d love to paint more of these and do a little series of them.

Alhambra Palace Terrace View 1

But for now I’ll leave you with this one which really captures it all in one shot.

The Alhambra window 6

tiles inspiration 4

The Alhambra wouldn’t have lived up to expectations if there weren’t a few tiles to inspire some pattern designing.

tiles inspiration 6

And as you can see I wasn’t disappointed in the least.

tiles inspiration 5

Miles and miles of them. These are the survivors of a hard edit!

tiles inspiration 2

Endless colour and pattern inspiration. tiles inspiration 1

I have just begun to scratch the surface of the design inspiration they prompt.

© Claire Leggett 2016 design work

Here’s a little peek at some pattern WIP which has to remain a little bit secret😉

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