Astrid Trügg  On a Chest of Drawers

Astrid Trügg    On a Chest of Drawers

I thought I’d share the work of Astrid Trügg with you today.

Astrid Trügg  Stacked Bowls

Astrid Trügg    Stacked Bowls

Astrid is a painter originally from the Netherlands but now lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Astrid Trügg  Late Afternoon

Astrid Trügg    Late Afternoon

She used to focus her painting on architecture but developed a love of still life after discovering the work of Ben Nicholson.

Astrid Trügg  Pomegrantes

Astrid Trügg    Pomegrantes

The influence is clear to see with a love of scumbled surfaces and flattened planes of composition.

Astrid Trügg  Gathering of Objects

Astrid Trügg    Gathering of Objects

The same love of texture can be seen in her mixed media collage approach.

Astrid Trügg  Still Life and Blue Cloth

Astrid Trügg     Still Life and Blue Cloth

She often re-uses favourite objects and motifs in her work as they have a strong personal attachment for her.

Astrid Trügg  Lemon and Stripy Jug

Astrid Trügg    Lemon and Stripy Jug

I love the moody quality she creates with a dark background and hilighted areas on the objects.

Astrid Trügg  In a Tin

Astrid Trügg    In a Tin

And I like her muted colour palette with pops of turquoise, indigo and yellow.

Astrid Trügg  Preparations

Astrid Trügg    Preparations

Hope you enjoy it too. You can buy her work here.


 Oh it’s cold and windy outside but my poor old battered wigwam of sweet peas is just hanging on at a 45 degree angle.


 These have got to be the last few flowers for this season.


 But I’m putting all this bleak weather and washed out colour to some use as inspiration for a colour palette.

Claire_LEggett_Pattercamp_End of day 1 patterns copy

I’m just popping in today to enthuse about my fabulous weekend doing Patterncamp with Jessica Swift. If you don’t know her work then she’s a very talented pattern designer from the US who delivered a live course this weekend on designing patterns.There were loads of videos explaining the basics and beyond, on hand help in real-time to answer queries and solve all the inevitable glitches and a live video check in to address even more questions – it was fun and full on.


The main grab for me was learning to pattern design using the software Illustrator. I’ve dipped in it from time to time and got more frustrated rather than more able – so I knew I needed a tutorial. The other piece of equipment languishing away unused is my Wacom tablet. So when I read about this course delivering video lessons on both things, I was sold straight away.

Claire LEggett Tulip design 72dpi

And it delivered on all counts and way more –  my head is hanging to one side today because it’s pounds heavier now it’s full of new information! Doing it live meant staying up till midnight both nights but it was worth it to take part in the live chat on Facebook and Spreecast. All round a lot of fun and highly recommendable.


The other class I bought in January is Print Make Play by Alisa Burke

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 15.14.40

When you aren’t in classes learning everyday, or working alongside another artists, it becomes really easy to get stuck in your own groove. This course has been great for refreshing my poor old memory of the vast array of printing techniques there are.


I let loose with a rubber and some sponge and an old credit card and made some shapes inspired by these Italian boathouses in Monterosso.


One of the shapes that snuck in there was inspired by the drain covering – but it wasn’t picturesque enough to show you!


You don’t know what you’re going to get when you experiment – printing especially dictates it’s out outcome. After a little PS’ing the shapes were becoming patterns.


The colour palette for this collection was easy – the watery greens of mosaic tiles and the changing tones of the sea.


The weather was full of Italian passion some days; changing rapidly when rain threatened   – but it made for sunny/moody photo’s like this one which I like.


I called the collection of patterns Boathouse because drain cover really doesn’t conjure the allure I’m after!

claire_leggett_boathouse designs

layersofloveScreen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.52.43

Back at the beginning of the year when she was selling her online courses cheap for 2014, I bought into Layers Of Love by Alisa Burke.

layersoflove start

It looked like it would inspire me on those days when one needs a little pep up for the artistic spirit – and it has not disappointed.

She does all kinds of cool things with junk and rubbish as well as art techniques I forgot about and sometimes there’s funky music with the video – that’s helped me get my groove on!


These pieces came about on such a day as this, when I wasn’t really feeling it. I watched a segment and thought I’d just potter off and have a play layering some paint and making surfaces with whatever came to hand.


Turns out I had fluro green on my mind which soon evolved into something tropical.


I got a bit more controlled at this point and thought about what images I wanted to add to keep the theme the colours had suggested.


There was a lot of going back and forth, adding another flamingo and toning down some colour with a wash of white, and I ended up with four fun little pieces out of a day that might not have counted without the lessons to inspire.


© Claire Leggett Tropical Flamingos


© Claire Leggett Tropical Peacock


© Claire Leggett Tropical Butterflies


© Claire Leggett Tropical Flamingos

It's open!

I’ve finally done it! Opened my Etsy shop good and proper :)


It’s only taken me since Nov 2009 but here it is actually full of products to buy; Greetings Cards, Fine Art Giclee prints, painted notebooks, a couple of original paintings and my new 2015 calendar.

2015 calendar backOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Like all these things, once you’ve done them, you wonder why it took so long in the first place but it has been a long journey learning how to get things done and then doing them!

Etsy address

It’s called ClaireLeggettArt (all one word) and the link is if you’d like to come and visit, you’re most welcome.


It’s Moseley Art Market this coming Saturday and amongst the usual range of cards, paintings and prints,


there will be some limited edition hand-painted boxes and …

claire_Leggett_calendar_2015_Screen Shot

if the printer delivers by tomorrow then there could be 2015 calendars too :)


Over the last few weeks I have been using my Italian holiday photo’s for pattern inspiration.


Studying holiday photo’s is a great way to re-live a holiday.


First you examine why certain places, colours, paintings or cultural details inspire you to take the photo in the first place and then soon after the design prompt can be found again.


I looked up at a lot of ceilings during my week in Florence. Italians used to recline on a dais on the floor and so the ceiling was the most decorative feature of a room. Luckily for us we have iPhone reverse direction mode and so can photograph the ceiling without getting a crick in the neck!


These ceilings were from the Medici Palace and as soon as I looked up, I could see a repeat pattern calling out for development.


As I played around with drawings and tracings, I began to see which elements to keep.

claiRE_LEGGETT_Fra Angelico

The colouring came from generally soaking in all the colours I’d seen around me – I have quite a strong colour memory and often remember the colours of a place more than the details of names and places – not usually a useful quirk to have!


There was a lot of faded distemper, crumbling concrete, exposed brick, terracotta rendered house walls teamed with turquoise shutters or a painted door; the wall paintings are faded frescoes from Far Angelico’s painted cells.


I called this collection Soffito as it literally means a ceiling in Italian and doesn’t everything sound nicer in Italian!



A little while back, before the show closed, we had ourselves a little day trip to see the exhibition by Claire Curneen called To This I Put My Name at the Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales.


Claire Curneen is a ceramicist, internationally known, and my HB is a BIG fan of her work – hence the longish day trip to Wales to see it :)


It was well worth it as her work is very special; touching and emotional.


She likes to work in white porcelain,building from the feet upwards which she does by holding individual pieces of clay that she presses into her palm and adds together to create the form. All these pieces then bear the marks of her fingers which brings an additional connection between artist and piece. She will sometimes find a gap or hole in the 3D form which she chooses to leave as it provides an insight into the structure.


She makes personal, intimate portraits which are often quite sorrowful, and she likes to exaggerate the hands and feet in order to communicate emotion and vulnerability. These are often based on her own, so in that sense it becomes autobiographical.



Ruthin, Clwyd_1

While we were in Ruthin we had a little potter around the village which was very quaint and English/Welsh ( oh the Welsh are going to slate me for saying that but it was quintessential – you know what I mean!)

Ruthin house 1

I do love to walk around new places picking houses that I’d move into – and either of these would do nicely.

Ruthin, House 2

Finally do you see the pub below left – The Myddelton Grill on the Square ? Look how many roof windows have been put in over time – cute.

Ruthin, Clwyd_2

I really enjoy trips around foreign places via other people’s blogs (Sharon does it particularly well ;) So I hope you’ve enjoyed a little armchair trip this Sunday.


Life’s had me by the short and curlies recently.


When I have had time or the head-space to think about blogging, I didn’t know what to say.


But I have completed a set of little notebooks for Moseley Art Market next week.


Art therapy ;)

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